Monday, November 5, 2012

Why this blog

We have lots of naptimes in our house. Miss Analiese needs many naps of course, but Mommy needs them too. I have always loved naps and becoming a mom makes me love naps even more. I think I take more naps than most people. I also have troubles getting ready, doing my hair and makeup and showering takes a lot of energy, and it also needs to be done while Analiese is napping, and usually the first nap of the day is when I do a lot of cleaning or take the afore-mentioned nap. So many days I don't get ready until noon. And I love it! Sometimes Jeremy declares a 'lazy day' and so we all stay in our pj's  all day. I know that once we have more kiddos and they are in school and stuff, that I will have to get ready much earlier and lazy days will be few and far between. So right now we enjoy these lovely days, and take advantage of them whenever we can. 

I already have another blog, but I feel like that blog is not really a family blog. And even though its not this huge blog or anything, I do have about 100 followers that aren't family or even people I know, which I love, but it is hard to write about personal and family stuff. So I started this blog to be more for my personal use and for family and friends to stay updated on our lives. 

I want this to be a more personal blog, where I can share all our adventures and

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{Analiese 2 months old}

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