Sunday, December 2, 2012

Analiese one year photo shoot

Analiese's lovely auntie, Samantha Stephenson, took some pictures at the beginning of November for Analiese's birthday photos, we did them a little early just because it would be too cold to do them in December and indoor pics, unless they are at a studio, are hard to take. So we chose a really really warm day and took the pics. I wanted balloons all over, but there is some weird helium shortage, so that was hard to find, so we blew them up and I envisioned them on the ground all over, but they kept popping on the grass and distracting Analiese so we just did away with them. 
Analiese was in a happy mood, but really wiggly and would not sit still, so it was hard to get her to look at the camera, but auntie Sam was patient and got some good shots. 

Analiese's Birthday Party

About two weeks ago we celebrated Analiese's birthday. Her birthday is December 4th, but since my parents and Michaela were in town at the time, so we had it a little early over Thanksgiving weekend. 
Analiese is pretty into Sesame Street, she watches it every morning when she wakes up, its usually the only show she watches. So her theme was Sesame Street. I decorated it with Sesame Street characters and the letter A and number one all over. You can view how I decorated her party and the games we played over at my other blog HERE. It was just a family party, no friends, but with all that family we had about 30 people come, so we did it at my Aunt Bonnie's house to fit everyone in. 

For her party I got her a really cute aqua petticoat skirt for her, it was so cute, she looked adorable. 
She also had a pink tiara headband from Grandma Keri that she wore, I loved her outfit! 
Analiese wasn't so sure about all the people at first. She had her own cupcake, so when we gave it to her to eat, everyone crowded around her and watched her eat it, and she did not like it. When she took her first bite of cupcake and everyone laughed, she freaked out and started crying. Which I think has happened at every one year old party I have been to, I guess its scary having all those people watching. So after a second everyone left her alone to eat her cupcake and she was more comfortable and she ate her entire cupcake and got it everywhere! 

Then she was able to open her presents. She was so spoiled. She got so many presents!
Grandma Keri got her this little toy puppy that barks and walks towards her and chases its tail, she loved it and wouldn't really pay much attention to her other presents. She also loved the tissue paper from all of the bags. But she has since played with all of her toys and loves them all. She got a book that Grandma Anita made for her, it has a bunch of pictures of family members and Jesus and stuff in it, she will spend like 15 minutes at a time looking at all the pictures. She got so many toys and some way cute outfits too! Thank you to everyone who came to her party and for all the presents you guys gave her. She has so many people who love her!