Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Happy Birthday to Jeremy!

November 15th was Jeremy's 28th birthday. 

Jeremy is so simple. He did not really want to do much on his birthday, he wanted to have birthday doughnuts in the morning for breakfast, and then play Xbox all day, and then eat at Joe's Crab Shack and watch Skyfall that night. So that is exactly what we did. 

The man didn't even have any birthday present wishes this year either. Usually he wants a few Xbox games and stuff, this year he pretty much didn't ask for a single thing. And with his birthday so close to Christmas it has been a real challenge getting him anything. Seriously, there are no good Xbox games out this year. So he got Jazz tickets (my mom and I went in on them) they were pretty good seats in the lower bowl, Lego Star Wars, a BYU thermal shirt, a new mouse, and a new tie (he asked for those last two boring items.)

{Analiese gave Daddy The Homer Book which contains hundreds of Homer Simpson facts)

{Analiese had to help Daddy eat his Snicker's bar too}

He played his beloved Battlefield 3 Game most of the day, along with some of his Lego games (aren't those Lego games adorable? Oh man they are way better to watch/play than Battlefield)

Then Grandma Keri babysat Miss. Analiese while we went to get some crab (I ate a chicken sandwich) and then seen the new James Bond. 
We came home, ate some cake that we made and sang him Happy Birthday. 

Oh how I love my simple Jeremy. He is so easy to please. 
Hope you had a fun birthday my Babe! 

Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Analiese 11 Months

How can she be this old already? I seriously don't get it. 
This month she was the tornado. She is into everything, and she makes messes faster than I can clean them up. She takes out all the washcloths and bibs from the bottom drawer several times a day, she pulls them all out, and then crawls away. I guess she just likes them on the floor or something. She will then move to the DVD case and take down all the DVD's and Xbox games and then move onto her toy bins and pull everything out of that. Silly girl. 

She loves books and has for a couple months, but this month she got into photo books. I had some out and she would look at them for so long, it was wonderful... Until she started ripping them. So they had to go away and nothing occupied her attention as long as those things did. So I had Grandma Anita make Analiese her very own scrapbook for her birthday. The book has pictures of pretty much everyone on my side of the family, and Jesus and the temple. She has had it for a couple days now and absolutely loves it. Yesterday she sat for a blissful 15 minutes on my lap looking at the book with me. She also loves animal books. We have a few of our own, but she likes variety so we have to go to the library and get ones with new animals sometimes. She will look at those for quite a while. She especially loves the pictures of the 'kitties.'

In the last post I spoke of her love of Grandma Keri's puppies, so for her birthday, Grandma Keri got her a 'FUR Real Puppy' it barks and spins and walks towards her and she laughs and laughs. But for some reason, she knocks the puppy down whenever it gets close to her, she will also hug it and then sit on it. I don't understand it, and I take it away if she gets to rough with it so it doesn't break, but she does love that little puppy. She wouldn't look at any of her other gifts she got at her party after she got that puppy.
We had her 1st birthday party this month. Her birthday is still not for a week, but my family was in town from New Mexico for Thanksgiving so we had it early so they could come. I will do a post on the party really soon. 
Analiese had her first Thanksgiving, she seemed to like the holiday. She ate some turkey, but mostly wanted rolls. That girl loves herself some bread. We went and ate at Grandma Keri's house first and then went to my family's thanksgiving at Lori and Fred's house. Some of the kids were playing Just Dance 4 so I danced a couple songs with her. She liked playing with my cousin's 2 year old, Solana, and also tried her hand at some stairs with me sitting behind her the whole time. She was good at climbing those stairs, but not so good at realizing that falling is very easy. 
Analiese still has never really fallen off of anything. So she just like tries to leap off stuff. She tries to just go headfirst off the couch so I try and show her how to get off normally, but since she hasn't hurt herself doing it yet she doesn't see the need to get off normally. 

She really enjoys playing with other kids, she likes to play with her Uncle Lincoln who is just a little bit younger than her, they have fun together, but Analiese is a little bit of a bully, she likes to hit him sometimes. She also plays with her friend Riley quite a bit, he is older than her, so he can hold his own, except when she tries to pull to a stand using him as her furniture, and they both fall over. 
She also really knows the word 'No' She can't say it yet, but when I tell her 'NO!' she starts to shake her head at me. Which is really funny and irritating at the same time. But she is starting to stop what she is doing about half of the time, so she is definitely starting to know what 'no' means. 
She loves to talk on the phone. I will say 'Ring Ring, Hello' into the phone and then hand it to her, then she holds it to her hear and says 'ello' or 'hi' into it. She does it with any cell phone, and some other toys, like her hair brush sometimes. 
She is getting so good at pointing. Jeremy taught her how to point by playing games on his phone, and now she points at everything, she doesn't always point at stuff she wants, its kind of just everything now, but its still a new skill. But she can point to play the phone games and press buttons on all of her toys, so she has been doing that a lot this week. 
She loves to clap, she will do pat-a-cake when you sing the song and when you say 'Yay!' to her she will start to clap a lot, and smile huge, because I usually tell her Yay and clap when she has accomplished something and its like telling her god job, so anytime you do that now, she thinks she is so special. 
{intensely playing xbox with daddy}

One of her favorite things to do is play ball. She LOVES ball. She will toss it around the house and run after it for a long time, but she loves it even more when we play with her. She is like a little puppy playing fetch. In fact the other day she was crawling around with a toy bath turtle in her mouth with no hands, and she really seemed like a puppy then. 

I can't believe that this month is over, November went by too fast. And now I pretty much have a one year old who is eating Cheerios and Goldfish crackers and looking at books. 

{{ I want to post videos, because it seems like I take way more videos than photos, but it takes freaking forever!!!, How do I make it faster??}}}

Analiese 10 Months

I am a little behind. My baby girl is turning one in a couple weeks and I haven't done her 10 month old summary. I do it at the end of the month, so I guess I am a month behind. 

Analiese had quite a few achievements during October. She could crawl a little bit at 9 months, but 10 months was when she really started to get around, she got really good at crawling. We went to visit my family in New Mexico, so Analiese went on a 10 hour road trip. Well it was supposed to be 10 hours, but we had to stop every few hours to let her get out and crawl and nurse. She did amazingly well though. She took great naps in the car. And it helped that we left at 4:30 a.m. so she slept until around 8 each morning. In New Mexico she was totally spoiled and went to the balloon fiesta, visited an old Navajo village, ate at a ton of restaurants (picking off of mommy's plate) and got to play with all the toys Grandma Anita had at their place. 

At ten months is when Analiese started her great dance moves with her intense head banging. She will also sing along with you as well. 
She started waving and saying hi and goodbye at the beginning of 10 months. 
At the end of 10 months Analiese got amazingly good at walking around furniture and pulling herself to a stand. She still can't walk without holding onto something yet, but thats okay with me, she is already mobile enough and gets around a little too well. 

Her first tooth came up this month. It didn't seem to hurt her too much when it came through. She seemed to teeth more in months prior. Which is so weird, I would think it cutting through the gum would hurt worse, but whatever. The tooth was soooo sharp when it came  up. It seemed to take the whole month, and then some, to fully come up. It came up with a little corner first. And that sharp little corner did damage. She bit my finger once and I screamed it hurt so bad, I swear it almost drew blood! We called her 'sharp tooth' for two weeks.

This little girl does not want to sit still for a second, she likes me to hold her, but only if I am walking around. She won't cuddle and she won't sit with me on the couch (usually). The only cuddle time I get is with her right before I put her down for her nap or for bed. She will cuddle up in the blanket for a few minutes, until she decides she wants to look around and gets all wiggly, seriously this girl is the wiggliest worm in the world. 

She loves grandma's puppies so much. Whenever she sees them she just laughs and laughs and laughs. The dogs don't love her, so they have to sit outside, but she stands by the sliding glass door while they bark at her and just laughs and pounds the glass. She thinks it is hysterical. But sorry Liesey bear, no puppy for you, EVER. Icky!! Mommy and daddy don't like dogs very much. As in not at all.
She also got to look at the pet turtles in New Mexico. Aunt Michaela has three turtles, two of which are   about half the size of my palm. She loved watching them, and really wanted to play with them, but mean mommy wouldn't let her. But maybe in a few years she can have a pet turtle all her own!
Mommy and Grandpa in the stocks in Navajo village, NM

She had her first Halloween this month. She looked freaking adorable in her lamb costume. She did not  love the head thing she had to wear at first, but she came to terms with it eventually. She also did not like some of the scary costumes, but riding on Daddy's shoulders helped. And she ended up having fun trick-or-treating. It was such a warm night, so that helped. Someone saw her costume and gave her a stuffed animal lamb. I do not know where they got the lamb, but she seemed to like the lamb. I even let her have a couple bites of candy. She got quite the candy stash, which we were only too glad to take off her hands. She lasted just as long as my little cousin's Brady and Bailey trick-or-treating.

She had quite a fun October!   I love my little bear. 

Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Foods Analiese Likes

Analiese has some weird eating habits (yes I know, the apple doesn't fall far from the tree). 
Luckily she likes cheese, loves cheese actually. I gave her cheese earlier on, just for her to get a taste for it. She gobbles cheese right up. I just hate feeding it to her, then my hands smell like cheese and my hands smelling like cheese makes me almost gag. 

She started out eating soo well when she smaller, but over time, she started to dislike baby food vegetables. Sweet Potatoes and carrots used to be her favorite, after a couple months though, she wouldn't touch the stuff. I started mixing the veggies in with the fruit and that worked for a bit, until around 8 1/2 months when she decided she didn't really like baby food at all. 
That is where she got weird. 

If it is smooth consistency, she won't eat it. Anything she can't chew (well gum in her one toothed case) she won't eat. Even if its not baby food! I can't get her to eat yogurt or applesauce or anything like that. 
Luckily she has started to eat veggies again, as long as they aren't pureed and have spices or something on them. I think her favorite food is beef stew. She gobbled that stuff right up, carrots and all. It was crazy. 

Here is a list of foods Analiese loves (for future reference for me mainly)

  • Baked Potatoes with a tiny bit of butter and a little pepper
  • Italian Soup with lentils and Sausage
  • chicken noodle soup
  • chicken, she loves chicken cooked anyway
  • toasted bread with either pumpkin butter or yogurt spread on it. 
  • olives
  • Raisens
  • The little rice puff things you can buy at the store
  • Broccoli
  • Beef Stew
  • spaghetti with tomato sauce, and other pastas
  • bananas
  • Pineapple Spinach smoothie
  • mozzarella string cheese
  • apples dipped in yogurt
  • ice cream (man oh man she loves this, but she only can have a couple tiny bites at a time)
  • Water (she usually isn't allowed juice except in her smoothie, I don't want her to only want juice)

She also loves anything you are eating. It doesn't matter what it is, if you're eating it, she wants it. It has gotten a bit annoying to eat around her because she grabs your food until you give her some or pulls to a stand on your legs and whines. So I usually eat when she is asleep or really super distracted by stuff. 

I like my food spicy, and a couple of times I have given her bites of food that I thought weren't too spicy but apparently they were, and her face went crazy. It went all red and she gave me a look like 'what have you done to me momma?' but you give her some water and she is all better. I felt bad, but it was also hilarious watching her face go so red. She had better get used to spicy food later on, her daddy has, mostly... 

Monday, November 5, 2012

Analiese Dances

My baby girly is now 11 months old. I seriously can't believe in a month she will be a year. It makes me so sad thinking about it, but also love how she is growing and each stage gets even more fun than the last with her.
She has such a cute personality now. Like really, she is hilarious, and she is starting to know that she is hilarious and adorable. She gives these huge grins, like they are so big her eyes almost close. And she does it when she has an audience, and if everyone laughs and oohs and ahhs at the smile, she does it more.

{Analiese on a mini carousel in Park City, 10 mo.}

Oh and did I mention, she dances. Every single time she hears music she dances. Usually its a head-bobbing action, other times it is this hand shaking thing where she puts both hands up in the air and waves them at the same time. She loves to listen to music on my phone.
She has now learned to clap her hands, and she is an excellent waver. She waves at everyone, mommy, daddy, randoms at Wal-Mart and Elmo. Sometimes she waves at air, which freaks me out sometimes.

And she is all over the house. I can't keep her contained. She has been crawling for just over a month and is so fast , and now pulls herself to a stand and so she is walking all around our furniture. I can deal with all of this, but I can't deal with her attraction to cords. She somehow finds every single cord, and keeping her out of them is a full time job.  I think we are going to have to buy a new entertainment center this next month, because ours is more open and way more easy to access the t.v. cords, and daddy's xbox.

She definitely keeps me on my toes, but she makes life so much fun. Jeremy and I have so much fun watching her all day long and seeing her and her funny antics.

I tried to add a video of her dancing, but blogger is taking waaay too long to upload it.
But enjoy her pics instead.

{Analiese as Halloween lamb}

{love those baby blues}

{This is how she woke up, she fell asleep on her hands, you can see her nails even}

{Mommy loves her Analiese bear}

Halloween 2012

It was Analiese's first Halloween. We had so much fun dressing her up as a cute little lamb. She looked totally adorable. Someday she will be princesses and fairies and whatever else she wants, but this was the year to make her all cuddly. And what is more cuddly than a wooly fluffy lamb?

During Halloween day we played outside since it was so nice, then we had fun inside dancing to the monster mash, baking pumpkin cookies, and making a halloween craft. 

Later that night we visited Grandma Keri for a few minutes so she could see Miss Analiese in her costume and then headed over to the Wardle's house to trick-or-treat with Brady and Bailey. Analiese got lots of candy (how wonderful for mommy and daddy!). Then we had chicken noodle soup that Bonnie made, it was delicious. 

{Analiese made a hand print spider, but afterward wanted to crinkle it up!}

{she was afraid of some of the costumes, but riding on daddy's shoulders made it better}

Sitting on her candy hoard. 

Why this blog

We have lots of naptimes in our house. Miss Analiese needs many naps of course, but Mommy needs them too. I have always loved naps and becoming a mom makes me love naps even more. I think I take more naps than most people. I also have troubles getting ready, doing my hair and makeup and showering takes a lot of energy, and it also needs to be done while Analiese is napping, and usually the first nap of the day is when I do a lot of cleaning or take the afore-mentioned nap. So many days I don't get ready until noon. And I love it! Sometimes Jeremy declares a 'lazy day' and so we all stay in our pj's  all day. I know that once we have more kiddos and they are in school and stuff, that I will have to get ready much earlier and lazy days will be few and far between. So right now we enjoy these lovely days, and take advantage of them whenever we can. 

I already have another blog, but I feel like that blog is not really a family blog. And even though its not this huge blog or anything, I do have about 100 followers that aren't family or even people I know, which I love, but it is hard to write about personal and family stuff. So I started this blog to be more for my personal use and for family and friends to stay updated on our lives. 

I want this to be a more personal blog, where I can share all our adventures and

If you want to follow my other blog, feel free to check it out HERE

{Analiese 2 months old}