Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Big Sister Analiese!

Yep, Analiese is going to be a big sister!
I am due around November 25th and am currently 11 weeks.
We found out that I was pregnant on March 22nd. Which is funny because two years ago when we found out I was pregnant with Analiese it was March 26th. So their birthdays are going to be soo close!  This baby was a little bit of a surprise, we weren't really planning on having two babies having December birthdays. One was already crazy enough, especially with Jeremy's in November. But we were planning on having one soon. So it was just a couple months sooner than expected. But we are so excited. The new baby and Analiese will be almost exactly 2 years apart.

I have been crazy sick! Luckily the Zofran helps me from not throwing up all day long. But I am just so queasy off and on each day. I have also been just exhausted. Seriously, nothing is getting done in this house because all I want to do is nap. Poor Miss Analiese's outings have been few and far between because I have just not been myself. I can't wait for this trimester to be over so that I will not be so sick. With Analiese I had to take the Zofran my entire pregnancy, up to the day I had her, but after my first trimester with her, I was usually feeling pretty good. So hopefully thats how it will go this time around.