Monday, November 5, 2012

Halloween 2012

It was Analiese's first Halloween. We had so much fun dressing her up as a cute little lamb. She looked totally adorable. Someday she will be princesses and fairies and whatever else she wants, but this was the year to make her all cuddly. And what is more cuddly than a wooly fluffy lamb?

During Halloween day we played outside since it was so nice, then we had fun inside dancing to the monster mash, baking pumpkin cookies, and making a halloween craft. 

Later that night we visited Grandma Keri for a few minutes so she could see Miss Analiese in her costume and then headed over to the Wardle's house to trick-or-treat with Brady and Bailey. Analiese got lots of candy (how wonderful for mommy and daddy!). Then we had chicken noodle soup that Bonnie made, it was delicious. 

{Analiese made a hand print spider, but afterward wanted to crinkle it up!}

{she was afraid of some of the costumes, but riding on daddy's shoulders made it better}

Sitting on her candy hoard. 


  1. I love how she's hoarding the candy!! haha

    1. I thoroughly enjoyed trick-or-treating, and not having to dress up only sweetened the deal . . .