Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Analiese 10 Months

I am a little behind. My baby girl is turning one in a couple weeks and I haven't done her 10 month old summary. I do it at the end of the month, so I guess I am a month behind. 

Analiese had quite a few achievements during October. She could crawl a little bit at 9 months, but 10 months was when she really started to get around, she got really good at crawling. We went to visit my family in New Mexico, so Analiese went on a 10 hour road trip. Well it was supposed to be 10 hours, but we had to stop every few hours to let her get out and crawl and nurse. She did amazingly well though. She took great naps in the car. And it helped that we left at 4:30 a.m. so she slept until around 8 each morning. In New Mexico she was totally spoiled and went to the balloon fiesta, visited an old Navajo village, ate at a ton of restaurants (picking off of mommy's plate) and got to play with all the toys Grandma Anita had at their place. 

At ten months is when Analiese started her great dance moves with her intense head banging. She will also sing along with you as well. 
She started waving and saying hi and goodbye at the beginning of 10 months. 
At the end of 10 months Analiese got amazingly good at walking around furniture and pulling herself to a stand. She still can't walk without holding onto something yet, but thats okay with me, she is already mobile enough and gets around a little too well. 

Her first tooth came up this month. It didn't seem to hurt her too much when it came through. She seemed to teeth more in months prior. Which is so weird, I would think it cutting through the gum would hurt worse, but whatever. The tooth was soooo sharp when it came  up. It seemed to take the whole month, and then some, to fully come up. It came up with a little corner first. And that sharp little corner did damage. She bit my finger once and I screamed it hurt so bad, I swear it almost drew blood! We called her 'sharp tooth' for two weeks.

This little girl does not want to sit still for a second, she likes me to hold her, but only if I am walking around. She won't cuddle and she won't sit with me on the couch (usually). The only cuddle time I get is with her right before I put her down for her nap or for bed. She will cuddle up in the blanket for a few minutes, until she decides she wants to look around and gets all wiggly, seriously this girl is the wiggliest worm in the world. 

She loves grandma's puppies so much. Whenever she sees them she just laughs and laughs and laughs. The dogs don't love her, so they have to sit outside, but she stands by the sliding glass door while they bark at her and just laughs and pounds the glass. She thinks it is hysterical. But sorry Liesey bear, no puppy for you, EVER. Icky!! Mommy and daddy don't like dogs very much. As in not at all.
She also got to look at the pet turtles in New Mexico. Aunt Michaela has three turtles, two of which are   about half the size of my palm. She loved watching them, and really wanted to play with them, but mean mommy wouldn't let her. But maybe in a few years she can have a pet turtle all her own!
Mommy and Grandpa in the stocks in Navajo village, NM

She had her first Halloween this month. She looked freaking adorable in her lamb costume. She did not  love the head thing she had to wear at first, but she came to terms with it eventually. She also did not like some of the scary costumes, but riding on Daddy's shoulders helped. And she ended up having fun trick-or-treating. It was such a warm night, so that helped. Someone saw her costume and gave her a stuffed animal lamb. I do not know where they got the lamb, but she seemed to like the lamb. I even let her have a couple bites of candy. She got quite the candy stash, which we were only too glad to take off her hands. She lasted just as long as my little cousin's Brady and Bailey trick-or-treating.

She had quite a fun October!   I love my little bear. 

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