Monday, November 5, 2012

Analiese Dances

My baby girly is now 11 months old. I seriously can't believe in a month she will be a year. It makes me so sad thinking about it, but also love how she is growing and each stage gets even more fun than the last with her.
She has such a cute personality now. Like really, she is hilarious, and she is starting to know that she is hilarious and adorable. She gives these huge grins, like they are so big her eyes almost close. And she does it when she has an audience, and if everyone laughs and oohs and ahhs at the smile, she does it more.

{Analiese on a mini carousel in Park City, 10 mo.}

Oh and did I mention, she dances. Every single time she hears music she dances. Usually its a head-bobbing action, other times it is this hand shaking thing where she puts both hands up in the air and waves them at the same time. She loves to listen to music on my phone.
She has now learned to clap her hands, and she is an excellent waver. She waves at everyone, mommy, daddy, randoms at Wal-Mart and Elmo. Sometimes she waves at air, which freaks me out sometimes.

And she is all over the house. I can't keep her contained. She has been crawling for just over a month and is so fast , and now pulls herself to a stand and so she is walking all around our furniture. I can deal with all of this, but I can't deal with her attraction to cords. She somehow finds every single cord, and keeping her out of them is a full time job.  I think we are going to have to buy a new entertainment center this next month, because ours is more open and way more easy to access the t.v. cords, and daddy's xbox.

She definitely keeps me on my toes, but she makes life so much fun. Jeremy and I have so much fun watching her all day long and seeing her and her funny antics.

I tried to add a video of her dancing, but blogger is taking waaay too long to upload it.
But enjoy her pics instead.

{Analiese as Halloween lamb}

{love those baby blues}

{This is how she woke up, she fell asleep on her hands, you can see her nails even}

{Mommy loves her Analiese bear}


  1. She dances like a velociraptor.

  2. What a cutie! That last picture is so precious!