Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Big Sister Analiese!

Yep, Analiese is going to be a big sister!
I am due around November 25th and am currently 11 weeks.
We found out that I was pregnant on March 22nd. Which is funny because two years ago when we found out I was pregnant with Analiese it was March 26th. So their birthdays are going to be soo close!  This baby was a little bit of a surprise, we weren't really planning on having two babies having December birthdays. One was already crazy enough, especially with Jeremy's in November. But we were planning on having one soon. So it was just a couple months sooner than expected. But we are so excited. The new baby and Analiese will be almost exactly 2 years apart.

I have been crazy sick! Luckily the Zofran helps me from not throwing up all day long. But I am just so queasy off and on each day. I have also been just exhausted. Seriously, nothing is getting done in this house because all I want to do is nap. Poor Miss Analiese's outings have been few and far between because I have just not been myself. I can't wait for this trimester to be over so that I will not be so sick. With Analiese I had to take the Zofran my entire pregnancy, up to the day I had her, but after my first trimester with her, I was usually feeling pretty good. So hopefully thats how it will go this time around.

Friday, January 11, 2013

Analiese 12 months

My little bear just turned 13 months, It came so fast. Someone asked me how old she was the other day and I said she was almost 13 months, but then I realized she had turned 13 months the day before. It seriously just flew by, I thought we still had like a couple weeks. I hate how fast she is growing, but I also love all her little achievements and personality she gets with each passing month, its all very bittersweet. 

So here is her overview of her at 12 months.

She played in the snow for her first time. She was bundled up a ton so she couldn't really get around too well. If she fell over onto her back she couldn't get back up, just like in a Christmas Story. She was excited to be outside though since it is hard to get outside much in this cold. She also had her 2nd Christmas, but I will do a Christmas post so I won't go into detail on that. 

Analiese hasn't started walking yet, but she is getting close, she can stand for several seconds at a time. She still resorts to crawling though. She has learned to crawl up a couple stairs at a time. But cannot get back down the stairs yet. But then she can't get off the couch either, she will just dive headfirst off the stairs or the couch. I think it is because she has never actually fallen off the couch or anywhere and gotten hurt, so she has no fear.
{Oh man, she loved herself some spaghetti}

Analiese has taken her dancing to a whole new level, she does this whole body dancing now, with some fancy footwork too, She will lean up against the couch or table and dance her heart away, she turns on her ball popper, not to pop the balls, but to hear the music that comes on. I love dancing around with her, she is hilarious. 

Analiese also started at the very end of her 12 months, signing!! She has known what the signs mean for awhile when I do them, but she started actually doing the signs on her own. She signs 'milk' and 'more' right now. We are working on 'food' right now. But it is really super cute when she signs, it melts my heart every time. Milk is the cutest because the sign is like you're milking a cow. 

Analiese got her flu shot the day after her birthday, and after that she got really sick. I hate that flu shot. She didn't get a fever or anything, but she was so tired and wouldn't play or anything. She wouldn't eat much and she stopped drinking her whole milk (which sucked because she loved whole milk and I almost had her weaned) and wanted to nurse all day. It took her almost a week to feel all better and she still wouldn't eat the whole milk or her used to be favorite Goldfish crackers and still wanted to nurse pretty much all day. So that was way annoying. And then she got a fever right after Christmas, and a cold on New years. Poor little girl could not catch a break. She is all better now, but still wants to nurse alot. I took her whole milk away for a while and re-introduced tonight and she seemed to like it again, so hopefully we can wean her soon, because mama is sick of nursing!! 

Oh Miss Analiese, you are so silly and we have so much fun with you and your crazy ways. Can't wait to see what 13 months old brings. 

Christmas 2012

We had such a great Christmas. We all got so spoiled.
{New Christmas Dress}

{My red kitchenaid}

It was Analiese's 2nd Christmas, but last year she was so tiny that she really didn't know what was going on. This year she was a year old, and still didn't entirely know what was going on, but she was more fun to buy for and she seemed to have fun.
{This was like the twelfth pic, she would not sit still.}

{new sock monkey grandma had made for her}

This year we did the Elf on the Shelf. Our Elf came straight from the North Pole and was named Lulu, but when Analiese gets older I will give her the option to change it. I am so glad we did the Elf on the Shelf. I wanted to do it so bad because of all the cute ideas I saw on Pinterest, but I felt silly spending the money on it because it was pricey for a little tiny doll and a book and Analiese seemed too small to enjoy it, but I was big into starting traditions this year so I could tell her we had done it since she was a baby, so I just bought the Elf. The Elf didn't do anything huge because Analiese is still young and why put so much energy into it when she can't totally enjoy it, but it still did some fun things like make marshmallow snow men and bring presents and write notes with cheerios. Analiese surprised me by LOVING the elf. She laughed everytime she saw it in the morning and in the day time when it was on the shelf we would ask her 'Where's Lulu' and she would look right at it. It really made it worth it and I am so glad we did it.

{Aunt Michaela in her Capt. American blanket}

I was also hesitant about the tree, I really wanted to put it up but was worried it would become a nightmare because Analiese is soo into everything and I was worried she would tear that tree apart, but she surprised me again and barley paid it any attention. She took a couple ornaments off, but really it was nothing, I was so glad she was so good about it.

We also went and seen the lights, we thought it was too cold for Analiese to go to Temple Square so Jeremy's mom, Keri, suggested that we go to Thanksgiving point. Best idea ever!! Because you get to see the lights from the comfort of your lovely car and drive through the pretty light show. Definitely a new tradition. 

My family slept over on Christmas Eve and so we all opened presents together on Christmas morning. Analiese really liked the wrapping paper but got stuck on one toy and didn't really want to open much more. She also got bored with the experience and wanted more attention and breakfast. Silly girl, never is pleased.

{we got Grandpa a signed pic of a old Ram's player}

{I made all of our mom's these picture stands}

I won't name off everything we got, that would take forever but here are a few things we each got: 

baby learning table 
Elephant ball popper
lots of pretty dresses and boots and pj's
books including a homemade quiet book
a new dolly
cookie monster doll
Sesame Street DVD 
and sooo many more things that I can't even remember.

Call of Duty Black Ops and Assassin's Creed
Xbox Controller and Xbox Live points card
Bluetooth Stereo
Man basket with beef jerky, gatorade, etc.

Murder Mystery Dinner Party Game
Hot curlers
Cake Stand
Engraved necklace
{Analiese's quiet book}

We also got 72 hour Kits, a movie about each book in the scriptures for kids, and a big basket full of soo much candy (that we ate in like 2 days...)

We had such a fun Christmas. It was fun starting new traditions and having Analiese enjoy everything a little more was fun too! 

Sunday, December 2, 2012

Analiese one year photo shoot

Analiese's lovely auntie, Samantha Stephenson, took some pictures at the beginning of November for Analiese's birthday photos, we did them a little early just because it would be too cold to do them in December and indoor pics, unless they are at a studio, are hard to take. So we chose a really really warm day and took the pics. I wanted balloons all over, but there is some weird helium shortage, so that was hard to find, so we blew them up and I envisioned them on the ground all over, but they kept popping on the grass and distracting Analiese so we just did away with them. 
Analiese was in a happy mood, but really wiggly and would not sit still, so it was hard to get her to look at the camera, but auntie Sam was patient and got some good shots. 

Analiese's Birthday Party

About two weeks ago we celebrated Analiese's birthday. Her birthday is December 4th, but since my parents and Michaela were in town at the time, so we had it a little early over Thanksgiving weekend. 
Analiese is pretty into Sesame Street, she watches it every morning when she wakes up, its usually the only show she watches. So her theme was Sesame Street. I decorated it with Sesame Street characters and the letter A and number one all over. You can view how I decorated her party and the games we played over at my other blog HERE. It was just a family party, no friends, but with all that family we had about 30 people come, so we did it at my Aunt Bonnie's house to fit everyone in. 

For her party I got her a really cute aqua petticoat skirt for her, it was so cute, she looked adorable. 
She also had a pink tiara headband from Grandma Keri that she wore, I loved her outfit! 
Analiese wasn't so sure about all the people at first. She had her own cupcake, so when we gave it to her to eat, everyone crowded around her and watched her eat it, and she did not like it. When she took her first bite of cupcake and everyone laughed, she freaked out and started crying. Which I think has happened at every one year old party I have been to, I guess its scary having all those people watching. So after a second everyone left her alone to eat her cupcake and she was more comfortable and she ate her entire cupcake and got it everywhere! 

Then she was able to open her presents. She was so spoiled. She got so many presents!
Grandma Keri got her this little toy puppy that barks and walks towards her and chases its tail, she loved it and wouldn't really pay much attention to her other presents. She also loved the tissue paper from all of the bags. But she has since played with all of her toys and loves them all. She got a book that Grandma Anita made for her, it has a bunch of pictures of family members and Jesus and stuff in it, she will spend like 15 minutes at a time looking at all the pictures. She got so many toys and some way cute outfits too! Thank you to everyone who came to her party and for all the presents you guys gave her. She has so many people who love her! 

Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Happy Birthday to Jeremy!

November 15th was Jeremy's 28th birthday. 

Jeremy is so simple. He did not really want to do much on his birthday, he wanted to have birthday doughnuts in the morning for breakfast, and then play Xbox all day, and then eat at Joe's Crab Shack and watch Skyfall that night. So that is exactly what we did. 

The man didn't even have any birthday present wishes this year either. Usually he wants a few Xbox games and stuff, this year he pretty much didn't ask for a single thing. And with his birthday so close to Christmas it has been a real challenge getting him anything. Seriously, there are no good Xbox games out this year. So he got Jazz tickets (my mom and I went in on them) they were pretty good seats in the lower bowl, Lego Star Wars, a BYU thermal shirt, a new mouse, and a new tie (he asked for those last two boring items.)

{Analiese gave Daddy The Homer Book which contains hundreds of Homer Simpson facts)

{Analiese had to help Daddy eat his Snicker's bar too}

He played his beloved Battlefield 3 Game most of the day, along with some of his Lego games (aren't those Lego games adorable? Oh man they are way better to watch/play than Battlefield)

Then Grandma Keri babysat Miss. Analiese while we went to get some crab (I ate a chicken sandwich) and then seen the new James Bond. 
We came home, ate some cake that we made and sang him Happy Birthday. 

Oh how I love my simple Jeremy. He is so easy to please. 
Hope you had a fun birthday my Babe! 

Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Analiese 11 Months

How can she be this old already? I seriously don't get it. 
This month she was the tornado. She is into everything, and she makes messes faster than I can clean them up. She takes out all the washcloths and bibs from the bottom drawer several times a day, she pulls them all out, and then crawls away. I guess she just likes them on the floor or something. She will then move to the DVD case and take down all the DVD's and Xbox games and then move onto her toy bins and pull everything out of that. Silly girl. 

She loves books and has for a couple months, but this month she got into photo books. I had some out and she would look at them for so long, it was wonderful... Until she started ripping them. So they had to go away and nothing occupied her attention as long as those things did. So I had Grandma Anita make Analiese her very own scrapbook for her birthday. The book has pictures of pretty much everyone on my side of the family, and Jesus and the temple. She has had it for a couple days now and absolutely loves it. Yesterday she sat for a blissful 15 minutes on my lap looking at the book with me. She also loves animal books. We have a few of our own, but she likes variety so we have to go to the library and get ones with new animals sometimes. She will look at those for quite a while. She especially loves the pictures of the 'kitties.'

In the last post I spoke of her love of Grandma Keri's puppies, so for her birthday, Grandma Keri got her a 'FUR Real Puppy' it barks and spins and walks towards her and she laughs and laughs. But for some reason, she knocks the puppy down whenever it gets close to her, she will also hug it and then sit on it. I don't understand it, and I take it away if she gets to rough with it so it doesn't break, but she does love that little puppy. She wouldn't look at any of her other gifts she got at her party after she got that puppy.
We had her 1st birthday party this month. Her birthday is still not for a week, but my family was in town from New Mexico for Thanksgiving so we had it early so they could come. I will do a post on the party really soon. 
Analiese had her first Thanksgiving, she seemed to like the holiday. She ate some turkey, but mostly wanted rolls. That girl loves herself some bread. We went and ate at Grandma Keri's house first and then went to my family's thanksgiving at Lori and Fred's house. Some of the kids were playing Just Dance 4 so I danced a couple songs with her. She liked playing with my cousin's 2 year old, Solana, and also tried her hand at some stairs with me sitting behind her the whole time. She was good at climbing those stairs, but not so good at realizing that falling is very easy. 
Analiese still has never really fallen off of anything. So she just like tries to leap off stuff. She tries to just go headfirst off the couch so I try and show her how to get off normally, but since she hasn't hurt herself doing it yet she doesn't see the need to get off normally. 

She really enjoys playing with other kids, she likes to play with her Uncle Lincoln who is just a little bit younger than her, they have fun together, but Analiese is a little bit of a bully, she likes to hit him sometimes. She also plays with her friend Riley quite a bit, he is older than her, so he can hold his own, except when she tries to pull to a stand using him as her furniture, and they both fall over. 
She also really knows the word 'No' She can't say it yet, but when I tell her 'NO!' she starts to shake her head at me. Which is really funny and irritating at the same time. But she is starting to stop what she is doing about half of the time, so she is definitely starting to know what 'no' means. 
She loves to talk on the phone. I will say 'Ring Ring, Hello' into the phone and then hand it to her, then she holds it to her hear and says 'ello' or 'hi' into it. She does it with any cell phone, and some other toys, like her hair brush sometimes. 
She is getting so good at pointing. Jeremy taught her how to point by playing games on his phone, and now she points at everything, she doesn't always point at stuff she wants, its kind of just everything now, but its still a new skill. But she can point to play the phone games and press buttons on all of her toys, so she has been doing that a lot this week. 
She loves to clap, she will do pat-a-cake when you sing the song and when you say 'Yay!' to her she will start to clap a lot, and smile huge, because I usually tell her Yay and clap when she has accomplished something and its like telling her god job, so anytime you do that now, she thinks she is so special. 
{intensely playing xbox with daddy}

One of her favorite things to do is play ball. She LOVES ball. She will toss it around the house and run after it for a long time, but she loves it even more when we play with her. She is like a little puppy playing fetch. In fact the other day she was crawling around with a toy bath turtle in her mouth with no hands, and she really seemed like a puppy then. 

I can't believe that this month is over, November went by too fast. And now I pretty much have a one year old who is eating Cheerios and Goldfish crackers and looking at books. 

{{ I want to post videos, because it seems like I take way more videos than photos, but it takes freaking forever!!!, How do I make it faster??}}}