Friday, January 11, 2013

Analiese 12 months

My little bear just turned 13 months, It came so fast. Someone asked me how old she was the other day and I said she was almost 13 months, but then I realized she had turned 13 months the day before. It seriously just flew by, I thought we still had like a couple weeks. I hate how fast she is growing, but I also love all her little achievements and personality she gets with each passing month, its all very bittersweet. 

So here is her overview of her at 12 months.

She played in the snow for her first time. She was bundled up a ton so she couldn't really get around too well. If she fell over onto her back she couldn't get back up, just like in a Christmas Story. She was excited to be outside though since it is hard to get outside much in this cold. She also had her 2nd Christmas, but I will do a Christmas post so I won't go into detail on that. 

Analiese hasn't started walking yet, but she is getting close, she can stand for several seconds at a time. She still resorts to crawling though. She has learned to crawl up a couple stairs at a time. But cannot get back down the stairs yet. But then she can't get off the couch either, she will just dive headfirst off the stairs or the couch. I think it is because she has never actually fallen off the couch or anywhere and gotten hurt, so she has no fear.
{Oh man, she loved herself some spaghetti}

Analiese has taken her dancing to a whole new level, she does this whole body dancing now, with some fancy footwork too, She will lean up against the couch or table and dance her heart away, she turns on her ball popper, not to pop the balls, but to hear the music that comes on. I love dancing around with her, she is hilarious. 

Analiese also started at the very end of her 12 months, signing!! She has known what the signs mean for awhile when I do them, but she started actually doing the signs on her own. She signs 'milk' and 'more' right now. We are working on 'food' right now. But it is really super cute when she signs, it melts my heart every time. Milk is the cutest because the sign is like you're milking a cow. 

Analiese got her flu shot the day after her birthday, and after that she got really sick. I hate that flu shot. She didn't get a fever or anything, but she was so tired and wouldn't play or anything. She wouldn't eat much and she stopped drinking her whole milk (which sucked because she loved whole milk and I almost had her weaned) and wanted to nurse all day. It took her almost a week to feel all better and she still wouldn't eat the whole milk or her used to be favorite Goldfish crackers and still wanted to nurse pretty much all day. So that was way annoying. And then she got a fever right after Christmas, and a cold on New years. Poor little girl could not catch a break. She is all better now, but still wants to nurse alot. I took her whole milk away for a while and re-introduced tonight and she seemed to like it again, so hopefully we can wean her soon, because mama is sick of nursing!! 

Oh Miss Analiese, you are so silly and we have so much fun with you and your crazy ways. Can't wait to see what 13 months old brings. 

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  1. Another benchmark for her lately is that she has learned that she can manipulate Dad. Now she uses me to show her videos of herself on my smart phone. She will literally find my phone, pick it up, open my hand, and shove it in my hand. She could watch videos of herself for hours. The good news is that she only has me do it twenty times a day . . .