Sunday, December 2, 2012

Analiese one year photo shoot

Analiese's lovely auntie, Samantha Stephenson, took some pictures at the beginning of November for Analiese's birthday photos, we did them a little early just because it would be too cold to do them in December and indoor pics, unless they are at a studio, are hard to take. So we chose a really really warm day and took the pics. I wanted balloons all over, but there is some weird helium shortage, so that was hard to find, so we blew them up and I envisioned them on the ground all over, but they kept popping on the grass and distracting Analiese so we just did away with them. 
Analiese was in a happy mood, but really wiggly and would not sit still, so it was hard to get her to look at the camera, but auntie Sam was patient and got some good shots. 


  1. Adorable pictures! She is a pretty little girl. :)

  2. I need to edit a few more for you. She is the tops! Love her!

  3. I remember I missed watching a lot of fantasy football for this shoot, but it was worth it . . . plus I lost that week anyway . . .